How To Book Your Spa Appointment Like a Pro!

Are you new to the spa or seasoned client? Either way, we know you will benefit from these tips & tricks for booking like a pro.


1.) Here are the basics: We are open 9am-9pm Monday through Saturday. We are closed or have abbreviated hours on major holidays.

When booking, our spa attendants will need to know your first and last name, a telephone number that’s best to reach you since we confirm appointments in advance, and gift card number or a debit/credit card number to reserve your appointments.

If you should need to reschedule or cancel the appointment, we require a notice before we open up at 9am the day of your appointment. If you call after 9am, unless it’s due to an emergency, we do charge a 50 percent same-day cancellation fee that will be charged to the gift card or credit/debit card you have on file.


2.) Peak seasons and days: We all work for the weekend, so on Fridays and Saturdays the spa books rather quickly. We recommend booking appointments at least a week in advance, if not further out, for those days. This is especially important if you are booking for more than one guest.

Summer means sandal time, so pedicures are a must! From May through August, we have dubbed this pedicure season. We want to get those toes in tip-top shape, but be aware that we maintain an intimate setting with five pedicure chairs. This means it’s best to book in advance. In the colder months, our massage department tends to experience an increase in appointments. Luckily, we are open from 9am-9pm, so whether you need to unwind after work or like to get your spa on in the morning to set the day right, we are ready to treat you!

3.) Booking with a specific service provider: The best way to insure you are able to work with your favorite stylist, massage therapist, etc is to book in advance. It’s always smart to book your follow up appointment at check out, that way the provider is there to suggest take-home products and services to book for the next time.

If you call a few weeks later and can’t immediately recall the service provider’s name, never fear, we have that on record. We will just need your first and last name to speedily look up this information!


4.) Do you have a group who wants to book a spa date or a bridal party looking to spend that special day in our facilities?

We refer most bridal groups and any regular spa service group of six or more to our Group Coordinator Tara Epperson.

We offer bridal packages via our specialty services section on our website. If you are just looking for hair or make-up services for a small party, one of our spa attendants can help you book appointments. If you would you like to take advantage of a bridal package or have a large party, it’s best to contact Tara via email at:

We also offer pre-made package deals for groups of six or more. You can find them under the “group spa events” section on our site.

5.) A few more bits of information:

Our gift cards never expire or depreciate in value! Can’t quite remember the amount for your card? We can look that up for you. We will need the gift card number underneath the barcode on a plastic gift card or the ID number on a paper certificate to check on the balance.

If the appointment is a surprise or are there any other special notations, make sure to let the spa attendant know. We love to facilitate surprises and optimize the experience for the guest.

We look forward to working with you and making your time with us special! Visit our spa front desk or call us at 423-979-6403 to book an appointment today.

Employee Spotlight: Melanie Jarrett

Hello again readers! Here is another feature on one of our amazing employees. Today, we are pointing the spotlight on Licensed Aesthetician Melanie Jarrett. She has a long list of returning clients, and she always brings a positive attitude to our spa. Without further adieu, here is Melanie’s interview:


Q.How long have you worked at Austin Springs? What was your education before joining us at the spa? A. I’ve worked at Austin Springs a little over three years. In the past, I went to school for early childhood education and worked in that field.

Q. What led you to a career in this field? A. I have always had a passion for skin care, which led me to a career in aesthetics.

Q. What are some of your goals in working in this field? A. Some of my goals in working in the Aesthetic field are to help individuals with their specific skin care needs and to help them feel great!


Q. What is your favorite service to perform and why? A. My favorite service is any facial, because I can educate the client about skin care, while giving them a relaxing escape.

Q. Are there misconceptions about certain services you perform that you would like to address? A. Often times, facials are perceived solely for relaxation, when in fact they are a major part of preventative and corrective skin care.

Q. Beyond your work at Austin Springs Spa, are there any special hobbies you have? What do you do to have fun? A. When I’m not working, I like to be creative. I enjoy making anything from accessories to things for the house. In the summer, we like to go hiking, camping, and relaxing on the lake.

Q. Relaxation is a major factor in a happy, healthy life. What do you do to relax? A. To relax, I enjoy spending time with family & friends, reading, and watching movies.


Melanie not only specializes in facials, but offers waxing and make up services. Are you interested in booking a service with her? Call us at 423-979-6403, and we look forward to hearing from you!


Employee Spotlight: Brad Dishner

Hello blog readers! We are excited to share the first post in our newest series: employee spotlight.

Today we are featuring our Licensed Massage Therapist, or LMT for short, Brad Dishner. Check out the interview below!


Q. How long have you worked at Austin Springs? What was your education before joining us at the spa? A. I have worked here for a year and half, now. Before, I did some chiropractic work, and I worked on the beach doing massage. I have training in neuromuscular therapy massage and certification in the myofascial massage. I’ve learned a lot about carpal tunnel syndrome and how to alleviate that. Also, I just finished training for oncology massage. It’s a service for clients with cancer and a history of cancer.

Q. What led you to a career in this field? A. I was in the restaurant industry for years and it was very stressful. I was looking for something less stressful, something where I could help people, and this was a good fit. I had a close family friend who introduced me to it. I visited a few schools in Florida and I fell in love with Florida School of Massage, and I could see that I could help people. It was also very self-rewarding.

Q. What are some of your goals working in this field? A. With clients, I would like to show them what massage can do beyond relaxation. Massage can prevent people from having to be on medications or having surgery. It can help with pain. I would really like to open up people’s eyes to that.

Eventually I want to teach, and open a massage school one day. I would like to spread that enjoyment to other people.

Q. What is your favorite service to perform and why? A. I prefer the customized therapeutic massage and people who come in with a specific problem. Their shoulder may be hurting, but it can very well be caused by something they’ve done to their low back or feet. There’s an old saying in massage: “it is where it ain’t.”

It’s kind of a puzzle to me to figure out where the problem is. I love doing the myofascial for the same reason. It’s more so truly helping people figure out what is wrong. That’s what I really enjoy about it. The look in a client’s eyes and when they say “I don’t hurt.” My goal is to get them pain free, and at the same time try to advise them with movement therapy. If I can help people get off pain killers or prevent them from having surgery. It’s expensive up front, but in the long run it’s a lot cheaper. (Watch the video below for a basic overview of the myofascial massage)

Q. What have you learned from your clients? A. I learn something every massage. If it’s anything specific, I learn something because everyone’s body is different. There are trigger points that relate to certain places, but it’s not the same place on every person. It’s pretty cool and like I said before, it’s like a puzzle.

Q. Are there misconceptions about certain services that you would like to address? A. Massage is more than relaxtion. Between releasing tension to something emotional, it can really help alleviate that. A lot of people don’t see it as a medical service, they see it more as an indulgence. There are so many things that you can benefit from, pain relief, emotional release, postural holds, and so many people don’t realize this about massage.

Q. Beyond your work at Austin Springs Spa, are there any special hobbies you have? What do you do to have fun? A. My main hobby is disc golf, I do it two or three times a week. I like to do anything outside, whether it’s hiking, walking a trail, or being on a boat.

Q. Relaxation is a major factor in a happy, healthy life. What do you do to relax? A. I mediate daily. It starts my day out right. I do breathing exercises with any range of feelings and just breathe it out. Also, I like getting away with my friends: grilling, football games, and having boat dates.

Are you interested in booking with Brad? Feel free to call us at (423)979-6403, and we look forward to hearing from you!


Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s all about dads this weekend, so make sure they know how special they are!

Father's Day Gift Guide

Whether Dad is into dressing sharp or enjoying board games with the family, here’s a few ideas to help with your special gift just for Pops!

From left: 1) The Godfather Classic Quotes: A collection of unforgettable Corleone quotes that he’ll be sure to reference regularly . Find here: $11, 2) Approach S1 North America: This gadget wakes him up, tracks how far he walks, and measures shots on 18,000 U.S. and Canadian courses. Find here: $180, 3) Silk Cuff Links: He can accessorize with these links, which are made from repurposed men’s ties. You can choose from 15 “snappy” prints.

 Find here: $30 each, 702-433-0035 to order. 4) Camp Board Game:  Is your family a fan of the great outdoors AND the friendly competition brought on by a board game? This just may be the product for Dad (and you too!). This water-resistant board game features questions geared toward all age groups, so the whole family can join in. Find here: $26,

All of these gifts would go perfectly with one of our gift cards for a massage, don’t you think?

We hope your family enjoys this Father’s Day, and we hope to see Dad soon!


Summer’s Most Wanted List

summer's most wantedcopy

Here are some summer essentials that are fun/important enough to make it on to this edition of “Summer’s Most Wanted List.”

1.) Are there any James Bond fans out there? Better yet, Bond girl fans? Those ladies were always so chic, so why wouldn’t you want to snag one (or all) of these polishes?

2.) Morrocanoil has a host of products that help your hair and skin. The spa girls are loving their hair treatment oil to help beat frizz brought on by summer heat AND their body buff & body butter to help exfoliate and moisturize skin.

3.) A Clarisonic brush is good all year round, so it was a no-brainer for our “gotta have it!” The proof is in the pudding, as they say, we know your face and body will thank you for treating it to the wonders of sonic cleaning.

All of these products, and more, are available in our spa retail area. We hope you stop by soon!