Intentions to Live By


Thank goodness it’s Friday, right? And while on the precipice of the upcoming weekend, it’s easy to anticipate time to relax and reflect. However, we hope to make the above statement our intention every week! We here at Austin Springs Spa, if you haven’t guessed, love what we do! Connecting with all of our clients drives our work, and we can’t thank you enough. We hope you find time to remember each one of these goals, when you set your mind on the day ahead.Over the years, we have noticed that setting intentions for our work has had a positive impact on us all.

We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming days, weeks, months, and hope to find that you’ve kept these ideas at the forefront of your life. Happy weekend, everyone!

Highlight: A Talented Trio of Stylists


We have great news: when you book any color & cut combination with one of these talented ladies in July you save 15%! Now that’s a treat fit for our Christmas in July specials. Read on and get the full scoop on each stylist.

From left:

Natalie Moore - Hairstylist Natalie Moore earned her license from Carters College of Cosmetology. After graduating, she worked for several years honing her skills and receiving further education via classes with Paul Mitchell, Wella, and Redken. She also took in the training and knowledge provided through various hair shows across the country. Her time here at Austin Springs Spa has allowed Natalie to learn even more through our use of Schwarzkopf and the techniques our hair team employ. She loves to learn and grow as a stylist, so she can better serve her clients! Natalie looks forward to working with the clientele at Austin Springs Spa.

Felicia Arreguin - Stylist Felicia Arreguin is a 2011 Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy graduate. She demonstrated skills at her former salon in Bowling Green, OH that had her voted best at precision haircuts and exceptional customer service. Her motivation not only brought her accolades, but the drive to create trendsetting cuts and customized color for her clients. We are thrilled to have Felicia join our salon team, and she looks forward to working with our guests!

Hayley Moss- Hairstylist Hayley Moss earned her cosmetology license from Jenny Lea Academy. Her passion for the creative arts started early with her love for dance, and later she taught these skills to others. Now, she has transferred this creative energy to cuts and color. She especially loves capturing the style our client’s dream about for their special day, whether that is their wedding or a formal event. Her specialty is perfecting the hair and makeup for these very occasions. She can’t wait to work with you.

Are you interesting in booking? Feel free to call us at 423-979-6403!

Massage: What’s with all the hype?


To most, massage seems like a luxury expense. It’s seen as a form of pampering or relaxation at best. However, our licensed massage therapists see beyond the fringe benefits of relaxation to the thorough results of massage (as seen in the infographic above). Our therapists aren’t physicians, and shouldn’t be used as a substitute, but their work can help alleviate pain, flush toxins, and reduce cortisol levels — all instances where medications might be used to address problems, so reducing the need for over-the-counter medications is good for the mind, body, and the wallet.

Massage isn’t just for those with a more disposable income, despite what you may think. We understand that the price isn’t always right during certain seasons of life, so we recommend you sign up for our mailing list. You’ll be the first to know our monthly specials, AND you will have exclusive access to daily coupons or limited-time specials. We certainly think there are good deals to be had, so we suggest you snap them up!

Our LMTs are some of the best in the region, and many of them have specialized in techniques beyond the familiar Swedish or deep tissue. You can find their bios here.

We hope to see you here for a massage, soon!

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It’s Time For a Little Q&A!


Q. My plastic gift card mentions that it expires two years after date of purchase/my online gift certificate has an expiration date on there, but I thought they never expired! What gives?

A. The manufacturer that creates our gift cards prints the disclaimer on the card, but we never (we promise!) activate an expiration date. The same goes for our online certificates: the third party site that hosts are gift certificate sales automatically includes the mention of an expiration date. Most businesses aren’t as lenient as we are, and their cards depreciate over time. Ours do not, so if you find it in a drawer with your lost slinky two years from now, you can still use it!

Q. I’m really nervous about a waxing, and I’m new to this type of service. Any tips before I arrive?

A. Whether it’s an eyebrow, arm, or Brazilian wax, the hair growth must be 1/4th of an inch in order for the wax to grab hold of and remove the hair. Some clients utilize over the counter pain medication if they are having a large area waxed and are worried about pain.

Please let us know if you are using Retin-A, glycolic acid, or anything else that may affect your skin’s balance. Waxing can be harmful during this time and potentially leave you with scabbing or burns. No sun or scrubbing for 24 hours before or after waxing,

QI’ve read that you only have to be X amount of weeks into your pregnancy before you can receive a massage or bath, why you does Austin Springs require that I need to be 14 weeks along?

A. In general, since all pregnancies are different, it’s very important to obtain approval from an obstetrician before receiving any form of massage during pregnancy. We require our clients to be a little further along in their second trimester to ensure their ultimate safety, and most importantly, the baby’s safety.

We know how imperative it is for mom to receive some pampering while her body changes and experiences the stresses of pregnancy, so we have these guidelines in place so our clients receive the most from their time with us, worry free!

Q. Why can’t I get in for a pedicure? I call every day!

A. Like most businesses, we experience busy seasons in each department. When it’s warm, our nail techs are usually booked with eager parties waiting to spruce up their feet. During the spring and summer months, it’s always best to call ahead. We encourage you to reach out to us at least a few days, if not a week in advance. This might seem like a hassle, but our facility holds just five pedicure chairs, in order to maintain an intimate, serene setting for our clients. It’s especially imperative to call in advance if you’re booking for a group, no matter the time of year, so we can accommodate all of the ladies & gents in your crew.

Pre-booking when checking out also ensures you are able to see the service provider you love, at a time that works best for you.

Q. I don’t think I would enjoy the service indicated on my gift card, do I have to book that specific service?

A. We know there’s a risk involved when other people purchase gifts, so in the event that the service indicated isn’t for you, we allow the gift cards to be used as the dollar amount. For example, if you didn’t want to book the spa pedicure on your card, you now have $55 to spend on other services or retail!

Have any questions you would love answered? Let us know, we would love to address them!

Employee Spotlight: Magen Workman

magen'spost copy

Magen Workman received her cosmetology license from Jenny Lea in 2011. Her love for both hair and nails has added a multitalented hair stylist and nail technician to our spa family. Magen strives to give each guest a unique experience and create a hair or nail experience that will have her client feeling great about themselves.

What led you to be a licensed cosmetologist? I’ve always had a passion for creating looks and making people feel beautiful. I know if you have your hair looking great, you feel beautiful on the inside and out. I started quite young — I was kicked out of preschool for cutting a girl’s hair, but I’ve definitely improved my skills since then.


What are a few of your favorite products to use in nail or salon services? I love the ColorProof PlushLocks. It helps instantly smooth out the hair and has a heat-protectant built into the product. My new favorite OPI color has to be the “Coca-Cola Red.”


What services do you enjoy the most? I enjoy gel manicures and creating nail art. Additionally, I love our Peter Coppola Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatments. Our clients’ hair transformations are amazing, and most importantly, safe.


Would you be interested in booking with Magen? She would be delighted to help customize a new ‘do or help you unwind with a pedicure. Call us at 423-979-6403 to schedule!