Time To Celebrate Father’s Day!

You are guilty, I’m guilty, we are all guilty of buying Pops a variety of #1 Dad coffee mugs, ties, or things for the grill, but this year we should venture outside of the box.

Why not give the gift of relaxation? We know what you’re thinking: I can’t afford to break the bank! Never fear, we offer services in all price ranges.

Sometimes a simple spruce will do. Our men’s cuts are $30 and feature more than the quick trim from a walk-in establishment.  The two-wash, cut, and style method our salon team employs has the men looking their best. Not to mention the scalp massage helps our clientele slip away from the stress of the day.


Massages vary in length of time and pressure. We provide 30 minute massages for the fellow on the go, a hot stone massage for those who need to decompress, and 90 minute services for fathers who need to take the time to unwind. All of our body services can be found here.

Quick tip ladies: why not make it a gift for you too! We do offer couples massages.


Pedicures aren’t just for the ladies. Those who are on their feet a lot should soothe any aches or pains, while taking care of the damage done by work boots or tight loafers, with our Spa Pedicure.

We would love to see you in store to help personalize your gift for Dad, or there’s always the option of purchasing a certificate online.

Even though our gift cards never expire, don’t let him use that as an excuse to delay. Make sure he makes the time for himself this summer!

Gearing Up for Summer

Summer means hotter temperatures, a change in wardrobe, and more time spent outside. Knowing this, it’s important to adjust your routine to stave off the (few) negatives that come with this season.


1. Sunscreen!

For years, the importance of applying sunscreen has been recommended by physicians and beauty experts, and we must agree! There’s many hassle free ways to make sure you’re covered: sunscreen in your makeup or moisturizer, applied underneath lip balm, and spray on versions help alleviate the hassle. But, if you slip up and forget, there’s ways to …


2. Chill Out.

Ouch! Whether to ease a burn or beat the heat, there are plenty of beauty products to help you cool down quickly. These sprays and body bars won’t break the bank, so it’s easy to keep these must-have items on hand!


3. Switch It & Scrub It Up.

Your skin tone and texture changes with the season, so make sure to update your foundations and the like. Mattifying powders and blotting sheets help minimize touch ups that can clog your pores further, beyond that “summer sheen” you worked up during your fro yo date. Exfoliation is also key to keeping texture even on your face. Doing so before a spray tan also keeps tans lasting longer. Pumice stones and foot files are also a foot saver, in between your pedicures.


4. Hydrate To Dominate!

Needless to say, it’s imperative to properly hydrate year round but especially so in the summer. Not only does your skin benefit, but sipping on some H20 ensures that you are keeping your body healthy and prepared to combat rising temps.

Do you have some summer tips that you swear by? We wanna know!

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Perfectly Imperfect ‘Dos to Choose

From elegant to casual, wedding inspirations run the style gamut. This season, curls are bigger and softer. The boho look is in full force as well, so we will see these influences on the red carpet and down the aisle.


Does thought of flower crowns and perfectly imperfect ‘dos conjure the perfect bridal look? Well, we are here to help get your wedding wheels turning. Scroll down for more inspiration:







Want even more bridal hairstyles? Follow our Bridal Beauties board on Pinterest to scope what inspires us!



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Employee Spotlight: Kelly Baldwin


Q. Why do you think you decided to become a hair stylist?

When I was four years old, my grandmother used me combing and playing with her hair as a babysitting too. All of my baby dolls had no hair, because I would cut it off. My mom was always in a salon, and I was always sweeping floors, thinking it was cool. My early exposure to this world created a life-long love.

Q. How can young men and women who are aspiring to work in the hair industry begin their journey?

Besides going to school, you should be really attuned to fashion industry. Essentially, your hair is an extension of your personality, and your personality includes your wardrobe. Having the knowledge of that industry would be a great way to start. Knowing what’s in style is important. Knowing there are seasons of hair, just like seasons for your wardrobe.

Q. Who has inspired you the most throughout your career in hair?

Karyn Barrus, a national educator for Schwarzkopf Professional, with whom I went through training. She was inspirational with the way she laid out color, in an outside-of-the box format. It really made you more aware of how particular color can affect everything. She was really instrumental with my conversational skills with clients and other stylists. She was just really down to earth.


Q. What inspires you?

I love to keep up to date and see the trends at New York Fashion Week. Then, I enjoy finding those trends in the stores, and following it up with searching for hair trends. Jewel tones were really popular in fall, metallics for spring and summer. The different placement techniques you can find at fashion week, both New York and L.A., are something I study.

Q. Tell us about someone you enjoyed working with in the hair world.

Misael Aponte is a phenomenal colorist. I had the opportunity to work side by side with him, pick his brain about color formulations and placement techniques. He is a really cool cat. Misael is very innovative when it comes to his knowledge of the way hair moves and how it transfers light and color. He was very inspirational and original.

Q. What are your favorite hair products we use in the salon?  

Schwarzkopf Magic, is a finish styling product. It smells phenomenal, ads incredible shine, and it is weightless. It’s a frizz fighter and humidity protectant. It’s a really nice product for everyone.

Q. How do you feel hair relates to personal style? 

It’s tremendously related to personal style. How your hair is, is how you feel on the inside. I think knowing your sense of style and personality and portraying that in your hair is just another way to have the total package.

Q. Can you tell me your biggest inspirations for designing your haircuts? What about your styling process?

My process is different for each person. I really do more of my cuts and style based on hair texture and face shape. I cut shape into hair, versus a cookie cutter short cut, long cut, or layered cut. I think that makes a huge difference when your trying to work with someone’s particular style and texture.


Q. What is your favorite part about your job as a stylist at Austin Springs?

I love what I do. I get to play with people’s hair, and I never really feel like I have to work. I’m just doing what I love. Every day is different. There’s new people and new conversations. That’s what I love about it.

Are you interested in scheduling with Kelly? Give us a call at 423-979-6403!