Gearing Up for Summer

Summer means hotter temperatures, a change in wardrobe, and more time spent outside. Knowing this, it’s important to adjust your routine to stave off the (few) negatives that come with this season.


1. Sunscreen!

For years, the importance of applying sunscreen has been recommended by physicians and beauty experts, and we must agree! There’s many hassle free ways to make sure you’re covered: sunscreen in your makeup or moisturizer, applied underneath lip balm, and spray on versions help alleviate the hassle. But, if you slip up and forget, there’s ways to …


2. Chill Out.

Ouch! Whether to ease a burn or beat the heat, there are plenty of beauty products to help you cool down quickly. These sprays and body bars won’t break the bank, so it’s easy to keep these must-have items on hand!


3. Switch It & Scrub It Up.

Your skin tone and texture changes with the season, so make sure to update your foundations and the like. Mattifying powders and blotting sheets help minimize touch ups that can clog your pores further, beyond that “summer sheen” you worked up during your fro yo date. Exfoliation is also key to keeping texture even on your face. Doing so before a spray tan also keeps tans lasting longer. Pumice stones and foot files are also a foot saver, in between your pedicures.


4. Hydrate To Dominate!

Needless to say, it’s imperative to properly hydrate year round but especially so in the summer. Not only does your skin benefit, but sipping on some H20 ensures that you are keeping your body healthy and prepared to combat rising temps.

Do you have some summer tips that you swear by? We wanna know!

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