Massage: What’s with all the hype?


To most, massage seems like a luxury expense. It’s seen as a form of pampering or relaxation at best. However, our licensed massage therapists see beyond the fringe benefits of relaxation to the thorough results of massage (as seen in the infographic above). Our therapists aren’t physicians, and shouldn’t be used as a substitute, but their work can help alleviate pain, flush toxins, and reduce cortisol levels — all instances where medications might be used to address problems, so reducing the need for over-the-counter medications is good for the mind, body, and the wallet.

Massage isn’t just for those with a more disposable income, despite what you may think. We understand that the price isn’t always right during certain seasons of life, so we recommend you sign up for our mailing list. You’ll be the first to know our monthly specials, AND you will have exclusive access to daily coupons or limited-time specials. We certainly think there are good deals to be had, so we suggest you snap them up!

Our LMTs are some of the best in the region, and many of them have specialized in techniques beyond the familiar Swedish or deep tissue. You can find their bios here.

We hope to see you here for a massage, soon!

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