‘Tis the season for pedicures, but lest we not forget about the fun a good manicure can provide.

Creative nail design is more popular than ever, and with an array of possibilities, collaborating with one of our nail technicians can produce a wearable work of art!

Untitled-1 copyClockwise from top left: 1) Gel Color “Black Onyx,” “Alpine Snow,” “Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not” and “Lights Of Emerald City” Nails by Elizabeth 2) Gel Color “Black Onyx,” “Golden Eye,” “When Monkeys Fly,” and “Which is Witch” Nails by Brittany 3) OPI Gel glitter coat with Eye Kandy Nails by Frances 4) Gel Color “Cajun Shrimp”, “Alpine Snow,” “Black Onyx,” and “Which Is Witch” Nails by Danielle.

How fun are these designs? What’s great is that you can work with regular or gel OPI polish as a base. We have nail technicians available Monday-Saturday, 9am-9pm. They look forward to working with you soon!